Let’s re-establish the connection with nature and ourselves through our food.

Chocoláctica Xmas Box

For this Christmas season I created 7 new flavours
It is such a wonderfull moment when I finish a new chocolate, and it is an actual manifestation of an idea that I had in my head! 

Each delicacy took multiple days to create, using high quality, organic ingredients and time consuming techniques.
However what you get, is magic! 

Chocoláctica Membership

Less effort, more Chocoláctica delicacies!

Get your Chocoláctica mix delivered to your doorstep every month or every other month!

  • 10%-20% discount on the regular price. 
  • 10%-15% discount on additional Chocoláctica orders
  • Chocoláctica Shopper Bag (available August onwards) AND/OR 
  • Chocoláctica Wholesome Drinks Recipy Ebook (available September onwards)
  • VIP invitations to Chocoláctica Events
    (tba in the near future )


  • Monthly for 6 months. 
  • Bi-monthly for 6 months.
  • Monthly 3 months.

Chocoláctica is...

Love & Gratitude

A deeply personal expression of gratitude.

An offering of time, focus and admiration to Nature in the form of handcrafted, cacao-inspired delicacies.

An invitation to take a conscious moment with Self and loved ones. 

A call for bringing more awareness, love and connection into our daily lives. 

What people say about Chocoláctica

"Everything is made and packaged with love and you can taste that! Now I am going to do my best not to finish everything in one day!"

"What I also like to mention is how I love that all of them have the right amount of sweetness in them! I have a hard time processing sweet and with your treats I have no problems whatsoever! And it makes met taste the cacao and other flavours so much more!"

"Your chocolate is becoming more and more delicious every time! I love the new one with pistachio. The matcha chocolate is so smooth! And the alfajor is just master!"

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