Love for Chocolate

Born from a love and fascination for the cacao tree and her fruits. Dreamt up in Ecuador and handmade in Amsterdam. Our conviction is that we can share and enjoy delicious food and moments that are nourishing and wholesome at the same time.

Wholesome Cacao

The cacao tree provides us with the most amazing ingredients to make wholesome, delicious delicacies. Not only do these nourish your body, but they feed your soul and improve your mood.

Unique Recipies

Chocoláctica uses its own unique recipies for all delicacies.

Natural Sweeteners

We only use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, coconut nectar and dates.


All Chocoláctica's raw materials and ingredients are organic.


Food is much better for your body, mood and soul when it is handcrafted from the heart.


No harm to any living beings please.

Non-Refined Ingredients

Use what Mother nature provides to nourish ourselves.

Let’s re-establish the connection with nature and ourselves through our food

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