Let’s re-establish the connection with nature and ourselves through our food.

Chocoláctica Mix

To maintain the highest flavour & texture quality I make everything by hand, and only small batches
When you order a Chocoláctica Mix, you will be surprised with a variety of delicacies that are in stock at the current moment, a new creation or a seasonal limited edition.

As a principle I challenge myself to create recipes using only whole ingredients. The more refined an ingredient is, the further removed from nature.
Our intention is to get closer to nature again!

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Chocoláctica Workshops

Are you looking for a space where you can learn to prepare REAL food and treats?
Chocoláctica Workshops offer a space to learn, explore and experiment with non-refined, real and natural ingredients. 

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday April 23rd : All about Greens

Saturday June 25th : More info soon

Chocoláctica is...

Love & Gratitude

A deeply personal expression of gratitude.

An offering of time, focus and admiration to Nature in the form of handcrafted, cacao-inspired delicacies.

An invitation to take a conscious moment with Self and loved ones. 

A call for bringing more awareness, love and connection into our daily lives. 

What people say about Chocoláctica

"Everything is made and packaged with love and you can taste that! Now I am going to do my best not to finish everything in one day!"

"What I also like to mention is how I love that all of them have the right amount of sweetness in them! I have a hard time processing sweet and with your treats I have no problems whatsoever! And it makes met taste the cacao and other flavours so much more!"

"Your chocolate is becoming more and more delicious every time! I love the new one with pistachio. The matcha chocolate is so smooth! And the alfajor is just master!"

News, recipies & more

Plantbased Mylk

There are many variations. But here I will give you two basic recipies with which you can play around according to your taste and needs. 

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Guayusa Chai Latté

This drink is a fusion between India and Ecuador. Guayusa is a stimulant herb that is balanced out by the mix of spices making it a good drink for Vata constitution.

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Saturday Morning Pancake Mix

Almost every Saturday is Pancake Brekkie at Chocoláctica HQ.Saturday is our rest day where we start with some weekly rituals related to our yoga practice, and then we are ready to enjoy our healthy and delicious breakfast.

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