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Born from a love and fascination for nature & cacao. Dreamt up in Ecuador and handmade in Amsterdam.

As human beings we innately crave to be closer to nature.

Food is one of our most direct links to nature.

Chocoláctica’s message is that when we enjoy food that has been sourced & prepared in a way that is nourishing and wholesome for our body and mind while respecting nature and her cycles, we feel connected to nature, and thus our (deeper) Selves.
We simply feel more happy and healthy.


Our plantbased delicacies inspire a tranquil moment with Self, or a precious moment shared with friends and loved ones.

They can best be eaten with presence, care and attention to become aware of your senses and feelings as you taste all the special flavours Mother Nature provides.
These moments are an invitation to acknowledge the flavours, the ingredients, and maybe even where they come from, how they were prepared and the hands and hearts that were involved, from earth to box, to create this delicacy in your hand.


Let's raise our awareness through being conscious of what we take into our bodies and share with others. These times ask for a holistic way of life in connection with Self and Nature.

Chocoláctica is an expression of gratitude. An offering to Nature and to you. A way of sharing the joy of creation. An invitation to continue the cycle of sharing, spreading love everywhere.

Let's re-establish the connection with Nature and ourSelves through food. 


Handcrafted Cacao-Inspired Delicacies

Technique // Ethics // Ingredients 

Handcrafted with love.


Handcrafted, because each delicacy has been uniquely formulated by the maker, Claire, with careful planning, patience, unique recipes and high quality organic ingredients. Cacao-inspired, because each delicacy is made from one or more cacao derived ingredients.
Delicacies, because they are more than just chocolates, they are healthy, naturally sweetened, and delicious pieces of nature-art!

Chocoláctica delicacies are mainly made with Kuná Ecuadorian cacao paste and cacao butter, because I know they specifically prioritize environmental and social involvement. 
This is where I lived for 6 years of my adult life. It is where my passion for chocolate grew and my heart lies.
Learn more about Kuná.  

Unique Plantbased Recipies

As a principle I challenge myself to create recipes using only whole ingredients. The more refined an ingredient is, the further removed from nature. And our intention is to get closer to nature again!
All the delicacies are made using high quality, organic, plantbased ingredients.

I collaborate with responsible importers who supply me with amazing ingredients such as Kuná or Original Beans chocolate. The wonderful thing about being a maker is to meet dedicated people who want to create a responsible food market, such as PuraVita who supply me with the most amazing Sicilian almonds, pistachios and more. Whenever I can, I go the extra mile to get my ingredients from the producers directly, such as Piedmont hazelnuts and Italian saffron. 
This way we support the farmers, producers and their families who work so hard for us to enjoy these delicacies.


Chocoláctica delicacies are vegan friendly and very good for your body and soul. 


Claire-Marie Landré

Dreamer // Explorer // Plantbased Confectioner // Founder

"Chocoláctica is my reverence to Nature in the form of handcrafted, cacao-inspired delicacies."

My first contact with this amazing tree and its fruit was in Bali, Indonesia.

I saw the fruit grow wild and tasted cacao nibs and raw chocolate for the first time. It made a lasting impact.


The real LOVE AFFAIR started while I lived in Ecuador.

I was amazed by the mystic, wild Amazon and the thousands of cacao trees in their natural habitat.

During those years I indulged in the best cacao in the world. I learned about the history, use, processing and benefits and started experimenting  & creating with this age old ingredient.

I find inspiration for my recipies from traveling and learning about (sometimes lost) traditions of cooking from different cultures. I am especially amazed by the science of Ayurveda and how food, nature and humans are innately connected. 
I have a very strong pull towards spirituality and consider everything I do as a means and ritual towards Divinity. 
I have had the good fortune of growing up and living in different countries and therefore consider myself human being, of this earth, complying with the concept of nationality and tradition to the necessary extent. 

When I’m not in the kitchen, I am practicing yoga & meditation or rock climbing and bouldering with my friends.

Or maybe I'm just out drinking an oat latté somewhere in Amsterdam.