I've been having the idea for a new flavour truffle for a while. Well, I have maaaany ideas in my head, but this is one I wanted to manifest first. The mix of flavours in this truffle are perfect for winter time, so I figured bringing it out for Xmas would be a good moment. I'm so happy and excited to share with you Agni Truffle! After a few experiments I can also gladly say that the special feature of this truffle is

I wanted to do something special this year for christmas with Chocláctica. After all, winter time is chocolate time, so why not do something fun. I was drinking coffee with friends at our favourite after yoga coffee place, and the idea was born. My friend said: "You know those things we used to have as kids that you open and there were like one of thos horrible little chocolates inside? Why don't you do something like that, but with your delicious

I couldn't think of anything else than Namaste as the title of this post. Talking about myself isn't one of my strongest points, but in doing so, knowing that I might connect with beautiful souls out there, I do it gladly. So Namaste, I am Claire and I would like to tell you a bit about Chocoláctica. I've always loved sweets. It has been my weakness