Handcrafted with love

Chocoláctica delicacies are handcrafted with love and passion. Our intention is to provide that something special and wholesome when you feel like spoiling yourself or sharing with your loved one(s).

Ecuadorian Cacao

Chocoláctica delicacies are made with Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao paste and cacao butter. We specifically searched for the chocolate maker that prioritize environment and social involvement.

This is where Claire lived for 6 years of her adult life and it is where her heart lies. Buying from Ecuadorian producers Chocoláctica supports the farmers and their families who work so hard for us to enjoy these delicacies.

The delicacies can be kept in a dark, cool place, preferably under 15 degrees Celsius. For optimal taste they are best served at room temperature.

Unique Plantbased Recipies

Inspired by her travels, people along the way, books, nature and life in general, Chocoláctica's delicacies and recipies have been uniquely formulated by Claire.

Our personal preference of natural sweeteners are maple syrup and dates.

All the delicacies are made using high quality organic, plantbased ingredients. They are vegan friendly and very good for your body and soul. We've got you covered on your healty indulgence!

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