Handcrafted with love

Chocoláctica delicacies are handcrafted with love and passion. Our intention is to provide that something special and wholesome when you feel like spoiling yourself or sharing with your loved one(s).

Raw Cacao

Chocoláctica delicacies are made with Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional raw cacao paste and raw cacao butter.

Raw cacao ingredients are made from dried, un-roasted cacao beans. The process keeps the healthy, living enzymes in the cacao.

The delicacies can be kept in the fridge, or outside the fridge in a dark, cool place, under 18 degrees Celsius.

Unique Plantbased Recipies

Chocoláctica's delicacies, including the dark chocolate couberture, are all handmade made using it's own unique recipies.

Our personal preference of natural sweeteners are coconut nectar, maple syrup and dates.

All the delicacies are made using plantbased ingredients. They are vegan and very good for your body and soul.

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