Handcrafted with love

Chocoláctica delicacies are handmade with love and passion. Our intention is to provide that something special and wholesome when you feel like taking a moment for yourself or sharing with your loved one(s).

Below is the complete overview of Chocoláctica's delicacies. 
To maintain the highest flavour & texture quality Claire makes everything by hand, and only small batches
When you order a Chocoláctica Mix, you will be surprised with a variety of delicacies that are in stock at the current moment.  Or maybe even a new creation

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us! 


Melt in your mouth delicacies covered with fine powder.
Sweetened with dates.  

Maca Carob

Cashew truffle with maca and carob.
Inspired by the Chaskis. 

*Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb. 


Cashew truffle with coffee, cardamom.
Inspired by the way they serve coffee in Ecuador. 

Orange Ginger

Cashew truffle with orange essential oil and ginger spice. 


Hazelnut truffle with maca,
carob, ashwaganda* & cayenne.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic Rasa (taste) theory. 

El Original

100% Cacaobean grinded with hazelnut, dates and adaptogenic mushrooms*.
This is my orignial raw chocolate recipe where the whole adventure started from. 

* reishi/chaga/cordyceps


Truffles with a crunch!
Sweetened with dates.


Hazelnut truffle with Ecuadorian cacao nibs.


Almond truffle with activated* buckwheat groats. 

*activated = soaked & dehydrated.  

Arabian Nights

Cashew truffle with salted, roasted pistachios, cranberries & rose petals. 
Inspired by the textures and flavours I experienced in Beirut. 

Masala Magic

White chocolate cashew truffle with Garam Masala roasted cashews and cacao nibs.
Inspired by the textures and flavours of traditional Indian sweets and Indian food culture.


Cashew truffle with popped corn and himalayan salt. 
Inspired by a lack of snacks at home during Covid-19 lockdown. 


Plantbased pralinés covered with our handmade couverture.
Pralinés are sweetened with dates, and couverture with a minimum amount of maple syrup.


Coconut-Turmeric-Ginger praliné covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate. 
If you like Golden Milk you will love this bonbon. 


Tahini-cinnamon praliné covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate.


Coconut-Matcha praliné covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate.

If you like Matcha Latté, you will love this bonbon. 


Roasted almond-saffron praliné covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate.
Inspired by the currently very Italian influence in my life. 


Pistachio and orange blossom flavoured cashew praliné, pistachio pieces covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate.
Inspired by the textures and flavours I experienced in Beirut. 


A bit more than just a bite.
Sweetened with dates or maple syrup.

Alfajor Spekulaas

Coconut-buckwheat cookie filled with a date & tonka cream.  Covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate & spiced with typical Dutch spekulaas. Inspired by the alfajores that I always used to buy from Cyrano bakery in Cumbayá, Ecuador. 

Indian Dream

Soft cashew & cashew-chocolate cookie with hazelnut & cardamom centre.
Inspired by traditional sweets that I indulged during my stays in India. 

Arabian Delight

Almond-rice cookie flavoured with orange blossom. Topped with 100% pure pistachio paste and covered with Chocoláctica Dark Chocolate. 
Inspired by the amazing desserts I had at Liza in Beirut. 

Limited Editions

Delicacies made for a special event, season or as a limited edition.

Chocoláctica Spread

Only the highest quality Piedmont hazelnut, Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional Cacao and Italian extra virgin olive oil blended into an amazing spread for your bread, crackers, cookies, or even fruit! 

This spread is sugar free. You can naturally sweeten your meal/snack combining it with your favorite syrup, jam or fruit.

Only available as part of Chocoláctica Gift Box.


A warming blend of spices and Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao molded into blocs to melt into hot chocolate.
Delicious with water or your favorite mylk. 

Only available as part of Chocoláctica Gift Box.

Easter Box 2021

Every Easter I will have a special edition box.

The Easter Box 2021 contains 3 flavours of filled eggs painted with natural colours.

I made the colours myself using turmeric, matcha and achote.