Chocoláctica Subscriptions

Less effort, more Chocoláctica delicacies!

Get your Chocoláctica mix delivered to your doorstep every month or every other month!

10-20% discount on the regular price. 

Chocoláctica Giftbox

A gift box filled with Chocoláctica Cacao-Inspired Delicacies for that someone special. 

Choose a combination of delicacies to make your gift box complete.

Love & Gratitude

Chocoláctica is...

A deeply personal expression of gratitude.

An offering of time, focus and admiration to Nature in the form of handcrafted, cacao-inspired delicacies.

An invitation to take a conscious moment with Self and loved ones. 

A call for bringing more awareness, love and connection into our daily lives. 

Curious whats inside this box? Let's explore...

Unique Recipies

Inspired by travels, people along the way, books, nature and life,  uniquely formulated by Claire.


Food is much better for your body, mood and sould when it is handmade with love and passion. 


We take care of Mother Earth because she has always taken care of us. 
And...plantbased ingredients are amazing and there is so much variety!

Natural Sweeteners

We only use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, coconut nectar and dates. 


A delicacy only comes into being if the ingredients can all be organic. 

Non-Refined Ingredients

We want to share with you the real taste of the ingredients, in their purest form. 

Let’s re-establish the connection with nature and ourselves through our food.

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