Best plantbased mylk ever!

You might have noticed I have a thing for lattés. I link it to my Ayurvedic Vata constitution. I like (and need) things to be warm and soft and thick. This gives me a feeling of cozyness, relaxation and care, which are the things a typical Vata constitution can use so much!

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Plantbased Mylk

There are many variations. But here I will give you two basic recipies with which you can play around according to your taste and needs. 

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Online Eco Shop MIISHA
Affordable and has many things that you need for your house, health & beauty. 
I use her nutmilkbag, glass oil dispenser, sunscreen, hair mask and more!

Pura Vita Food

I love this business! Bringing us the most amazing food and ingredients from Sicily. She works closely with Sicilian, organic producers and contribute to reducing harmfull food business.  I get the best organic almonds, almond paste, pistachios and pistachio paste from them. 

You can also find them every Saturday at Noordermarkt where they sell fresh produce and amazing food.