Chocoláctica Advent Box

I wanted to do something special this year for christmas with Chocláctica. After all, winter time is chocolate time, so why not do something fun.

I was drinking coffee with friends at our favourite after yoga coffee place, and the idea was born. My friend said: “You know those things we used to have as kids that you open and there were like one of thos horrible little chocolates inside? Why don’t you do something like that, but with your delicious chocolates?”

And the Chocoláctica Advent Box was born!

Thankyou Tessa en Xico for your ideas and inspiration.  Thankyou Hailey for modeling and being the best roomy ever!I’m happy to share this news with you and I hope you share it with your loved ones!

Are you looking forward to Christmas, or just looking for an excuse to have a healthy, delicious, handmade truffle every day?Whether it is both, one, or the other, I have exactly what you need!I’m happy to share with you the Chocoláctica Advent Box.
25 irresistible truffles waiting to be opened every day before Christmas starting on the 1st of December and ending on the 25th of December!And to make it even better, I’m combining it with a GIVE AWAY!Does one of your truffles have a GOLDEN WRAPPER? Then you win one of the limited few Chocoláctica Xmas Parcels. Including the special winter season truffle box (which I will make public soon  .

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