Letting Life Happen

Dear Chocoláctica friends and followers,

I have been quiet lately but not for no reason.
Chocoláctica is a ‘passion project’ to me and I have taken the last few weeks to think about what I would like it to be.

I should have known that this would back fire….

After all the thinking I have come back to observing and feeling, which is usually what I feel most comfortable with.

You see, I was going to ‘take steps’ and ‘make Chocoláctica bigger’ with the idea of writing a real business plan and looking for an investor, as of July… but life happened.
And what happened I am grateful for.

As of August I have had to put more of my attention to another part of my life and therefore my plans ‘to make Chocoláctica big’ were put on hold.
However I realize that everything is as it should be.
I have had to re-organize my schedule and think how much time I can and want to spend on Chocoláctica.
Thanks to the events that have taken place, I have been lovingly forced by the Universe to adjust my concept.

I will explain.
I cannot work on Chocoláctica full time (for now  .
Which means I also have limited production time.
So I have decided to go back to a more experimental and conceptual way of working…which is actually what I like most.

As of this month, I will only sell the 150g and 300g mix and they will contain a selection of the delicacies which I have in stock.
I will still make my existing delicacies, but I will also start experimenting more.
My new creations I will publish on the Delicacies page where you will have a ‘portfolio’ of all the delicacies.
However, it will be a suprise which ones you get in your mix.

I am happy with the new concept, as I have many many ideas in my head and I need to start expressing and creating, or I will go crazy!


The shop is open again!

You can keep sharing Chocoláctica with your friends and family 

And I can keep creating and experimenting with all the amazing ingredients Mother Nature has given us, to share them with you!

By the way it is a very exciting and great thing that has happened to me! No dramas  When you see me I would be happy to tell you about it. 

Thank you to all of you for your ongoing support!



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