Buckwheat-Hazelnut Pancake

At Chocoláctica HQ we regularly eat pancakes. 

It is a delicious comfort food, but the great thing is that it is easy to make and with the right ingredients super healthy!

One of our favorites is chocolate pancakes...of course.

But last weekend I tried a new recipe. And it is worth sharing!


Hazelnut-Buckwheat protein packed pancakes! 


This recipe makes about 10 small pancakes.

Enjoy it with chocolate sauce, jam, your fav plantbased yoghurt and fruit!


Share your pancakes with me!
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1cup buckwheat flour

1/2cup hazelnut flour* 

1/2cup lupin flour **

1 very ripe banana

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon lineseedoil

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon of coconut sugar

pinch of cinnamon

pinch of cardamom

pinch of salt

handfull of pumpkin seeds

handfull of sunflower seeds


* If you don't have hazelnut flour, roast and then blend fine 1 cup of hazelnuts with a tablespoon of the buckwheat flour.

** Replace lupin flour with milled hemp seeds in case hard to find. Use same method as above.

Place all the ingredients except seeds in a blender/nutribullet. 

Add 1,5cup of water. 

Blend till smooth. It shouldn't be too liquid nor too stiff. 

Heat pan with ghee/coconut oil. 

Add approx 3 tablespoons to make a small pancake. You can play with the amount to make the size you like. 

Sprinkle with seeds. 

Wait untill the top has bubbles and has almost completely set (not liquid/sticky any more) then turn.

The other side only needs to bake a few seconds till golden brown. 

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