Agni Truffle

This truffle contains energy enhancing, soul uplifting ingredients. The idea for it came to me thanks to my Mexican friends Paloma & Gibran.
Ashwaganda: This popular ayurvedic medicine is known for its adaptogen qualities. It stabilizes your mood and gives you energy.
Maca: Maca is known for balancing hormones, regulating blood sugar and improving stamina.
Carob: Known for its sweet caramelly flavour. It balances out wonderfully the other ingredients, especially the last one…
Cayenne! Spicy, which in ayurvedic terms would mean, warming, stimlating, uplifting. Exactly what is needed to counter balance those cold, heavy, lazy winter days.

This truffle is made with love and good vibes for you to recharge during cold days.

You can enjoy it in its truffle form,


for an extra boost, augment your dosis and make a heartwarming hot chocolate.
You only need to add your favourite veg mylk.

Here’s a small instruction video on how to make your Heartwarming Hot Chocolate.

Agni Truffle is sweetened with dates.