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Chocoláctica SPRING Box - Limited Edition


Available as:

A super cute box with a mix of 6 delicacies. 
Perfect for that very much deserved selfcare moment!

Romantic SOLD OUT!
Perfect for that moment of sharing with a loved one, or good friend with this small but lovely mix of 14 Chocoláctica delicacies.

Party Mix SOLD OUT!
Make a great impression at parties with thisbig, delicious mix of 25 Chocoláctica delicacies.


In celebration of Mother, Goddess, Nature, Creation and all those beautifull beings that are always there to care for us.

To create this box an elaborate process took place. I wanted to work with more fruit and flavours. So I dehydrated organic bananas, pears, blood oranges, lemons and ginger.
Then I processed the different fruits into smooth chocolate or pralinés adding special flavours using spices.
Then each delicacy was decorated to show you what they are made of. You can imagine that for one delicacy quite some time, energy and love went into it, and I hope you can taste it!

On Mother's Day is the launch for the Spring Season Box, which means from May 8th onwards it will be available for a limited time only

The flavours are:
- Prickly Pear : Pear-almond praliné with long pepper. Covered with Chocoláctica dark chocolate. Sweetened with pear and maple syrup. - NEW!
- Pecan Puff: Dark chocolate pecan truffle with puffed amarantho. Sweetened with dates. - NEW!
- Bananarama: Banana-hazenut truffle with smoked salt flakes. Sweetened with banana. - NEW!
- Lemonade?: Lemon-ginger-cashew truffle. Sweetended with dates. -NEW!
- Pink!: Raspberry-almond truffle with sechuan pepper. Sweetened with dates. -NEW!
- SicilianTemptation: Sicilian blood orange dipped in rosemary infused Chocoláctica dark chocolate. - NEW!
- Arabian Nights: Cashew truffle with cranberries, raisins and pistachio, covered with rose. Sweetened with dates. 

Within the Netherlands: free shipping above €18,50
Within the rest of Europe: free shipping above €75

Gluten free
Refined Sugar Free
Handmade in Amsterdam
100% Organic
Zero: colourants, synthetic ingredients/E-numbers, soja, palm oil

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