MeMelMake EcoPrinted Furoshiki Eco Giftwrapping

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Furoshiki cloth is a beautifull and eco solution to wrapping gifts.




These Furoshiki cloths have a great story!
The linen cloths are recycled from our favourite restaurant in Breda, Salon de Provence.
For the eco printing we did some urban foraging of leaves.
All done by hand, placing the leaves, closing the cloths and steaming them.
And finally hand sewn with a beutifull detail. 

By MeMelMake : follow her on instagram!

Additional info:

Shipping 4 and 5 July. 
Within the Netherlands: free shipping above €35
Within the rest of Europe: free shipping above €85

For Gluten free version please contact me!
Refined Sugar Free
Handmade in Amsterdam
100% Organic
Zero: colourants, synthetic ingredients/E-numbers, soja, palm oil