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Chocoláctica Xmas Box - PRE-ORDER

Chocoláctica Xmas Box - PRE-ORDER
Sold out

This year embrace the gift of sharing, with a box of handmade, cacao-inspired delicacies. 

A variety of 7 new flavours has been created expecially for this Xmas season. 
Each box contains 16 delicacies. 

More pictures soon! 

Pre-Order Untill (limited!) stock lasts

Shipping date:
Wednesday December 8th/15th

For this Christmas season I created 7 new flavours
It is such a wonderfull moment when I finish a new chocolate, and it is an actual manifestation of an idea that I had in my head! 

Let me tell you about the new flavours!

Each delicacy took multiple days to create, using high quality, organic ingredients and time consuming techniques.
However what you get, is magic! 

pumpkin. almond. 5 spice. dates. cacao paste. cacao butter
The making of this delicacy was quite elaborate! But I am amazed at the result! 
Beautifull fresh pumpkins were fused with cacao in a process of steaming, dehydration and grinding. Heavenly, naturally sweet Sicilian almond paste was added for creamyness and depth and the sweetness is thanks to delicious, juicy dates. 
The whole process was spread over 5 days. 


cashew. spekulaas. dates. cacao paste. cacao butter
I wanted to add something special to the spekulaas flavour, and apple occured to me! But how? I wanted to use real, fresh, organic apples. 
What I finally did was a combination of dehydrating and grinding them into a powder with cashew nuts to cover the dark chocolate dipped truffles. 
The whole process was spread over 4 days. 


raspberry. cashew. cacao butter. dates. pistachio. 82% dark chocolate 
I have been dreaming of making raspberry flavoured white chocolate for a while now. I researched and experimented with different ingredients combinations and rations, and I am quite happy with the result! 
From conching to tempering, to molding the whole process was spread over 3 days. 


coconut butter. cashew. cacao butter. dates. matcha. yuzu
I zingy variation to my classic Matcha bonbon. 
The whole process from decorating the mould, to making the filling, to molding is spread over 3 days. 


orange. cashew. cacao paste. cacao butter. dates. earl greay tea
This was another one that tested my patience! The fresh oranges had to dehydrate over 24 hours! 
Also to get that earl grey flavour into the chocolate took a few hours of conching. 
But what about this combination!? I hope you are as excited about is as I am. 

almond. cacao paste. cacao butter. dates. saffron
A crunchy variation on a bonbon I have made before. I wanted to bring out the almond flavour more, so I decided to put roasted almond on top, instead of dipping it in a layer of dark chocolate. 
I think the current version does justice to the almonds, and the saffron! 


rose. olive oil. cacao paste. cacao butter. cashew. dates
It is so subtle, you might not notice it at first, but its presence makes the delicacy complete! 
At home we use a Sicilian olive oil which is so delicious and has so many levels of flavour I have been burning to use it in a chocolate. My intuition told me to create a creamy, romantic, feminine chocolate which I think the combination of rose and olive oil bring out wonderfully. So subtle yet so powerfull! 


Additional info:

Depending on the stock and/or season, the mix wil vary. Keep an eye on Instagram for updated pictures.

To be able to work more efficiently with regards to production and amount or orders, I will announce shipping dates.
If you need your order sooner, please contact me directly.
See next shipping date.
Within the Netherlands: free shipping above €35
Within the rest of Europe: free shipping above €75

Gluten free
Refined Sugar Free
Handmade in Amsterdam
100% Organic
Zero: colourants, synthetic ingredients/E-numbers, soja, palm oil

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