Experience and Share

This is an invitation to take a conscious moment with yourSelf, or share a special moment with loved ones. 

The different flavours and textures will stimulate your senses and trigger your mind-body connection to experience the present. 

Let us raise our awareness through being conscious of what we take into our bodies and share with others.

These times ask for a holistic way of life in connection with Self and Nature.

This summer has been hot!
There may be a delay in your shipping, as it is safer to ship only when temps stay below 25 degrees celcius.

Autumn Special

Perfect for that moment of sharing with a loved one, or good friend with this small but lovely mix of 15-20* Chocoláctica delicacies.

Pre-Order untill:
19th of October

Next shipping date:
22nd of October

Autumn Special

Make a great impression at parties with this big, delicious mix of 30-35* Chocoláctica delicacies.

Pre-Order untill:
September 19th

Next Shipping date:
September 22nd

Sold out

Supernova Proteinbar

Sold out
Sold out

Supernova Proteinbar


10 x 50g Delicious & nutritious protein bars.  
Perfect for that after work-out/yoga/climbing protein boost.
Contains a mix of seeds, dried fruits, oats & cacao butter.

Coming soon!

Chocoláctica Subscriptions

Less effort, more Chocoláctica delicacies!

Get your Chocoláctica mix delivered to your doorstep every month or every other month!

20% discount on the regular price. 

Yes! I am super interested in this! 

Within the Netherlands: 

Prices include shipping & mailbox friendly!
Your box of delicacies will fit through the mailbox if it has these minimum dimensions :
38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm