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Chocoláctica is my reverence to nature in the form of handcrafted, cacao-inspired delicacies.

Claire-Marie Landré

Dreamer // Explorer // Plantbased Confectioner // Founder

My first contact with this amazing tree and its fruit was in Bali, Indonesia.

I saw the fruit grow wild and tasted cacao nibs and raw chocolate for the first time.

It made a lasting impact.


The real LOVE AFFAIR started while I lived in Ecuador.

I was amazed by the mystic, wild amazon and the thousands of cacao trees in their natural habitat.

During those years I indulged in the best cacao in the world. I learned about the history, use, processing and benefits and started using and experimenting with this age old ingredient.

I find inspiration for my recipies from traveling and learning about (sometimes lost) traditions of cooking from different cultures. I am especially amazed by the science of Ayurveda and how food, nature and humans are innately connected.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m usually practicing yoga or having fun with my friends rock climbing or bouldering.

Or maybe I'm just out drinking an oat latté somewhere in Amsterdam.

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